The Snow Code ensures that everyone sharing the mountain has a safer and happier experience.

Please follow the snow code at all times:

Stay in control at all times.
Know your ability, start easy, be able to stop and avoid other people.

People below you have the right of way.
The skier or boarder downhill of you has the right of way, also look above before entering a hill.

Obey all ski area signage.
Signs are there for your safety, keep our of closed areas.

Look before you leap.
Scope jumps first, ensure the area is clear of others, use a spotter on blind jumps.

Stop where you can be seen.
When stopping, try to move to the side of the trail and where you can be seen from above.

Don’t lose what you use.
Equipment must be secured while walking.

Stay on scene.
If you are involved in, or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to Ski Patrol.

Respect gets respect.
From the lift line to the slopes and through the park.