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3cm on 26 Sep

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We Offer:

  • Easy booking system
  • Great learner's and intermediate facilities
  • Orientation by hostess on arrival
  • Excellent ski school instructors
  • Transportation options
  • Special Bonus Offers

Welcome to the 2015 Ski Season

This year we are continuing our special bonus offers.  When you allow us to host your ski trip this season, upon payment, we will give your school one free 2015 Season Pass to be used specifically for fund raising.  In addition, the school ski co-ordinator will receive a free Day Pass. Use this any way you would like; check out the Ski Area before you decide to book your trip with us, or use some other time during the season. This is yours free, regardless of any booking.

Mount Dobson has the largest learners/intermediate area in NZ with the longest Platter lift, making it ideal for beginners to enjoy learning in a pleasant relaxed environment with plenty of room and few crowds.  Our Triple chair up the West Valley and advanced runs will provide the more experienced skiers and boarders plenty of variety and challenge.  The addition of snowmaking machines should lengthen our season this year, and we invite you to take advantage of this.

We welcome your school to our slopes and will do all we can to ensure your students and organisers have a safe and happy day at Mount Dobson.  On arrival, our ski hostess will greet you and give you information regarding the location of various facilities and meeting places. It is essential that the teacher and adult assistants accompany the students through the ski rental process.  This will help the students who may be unfamiliar with the fitting of ski gear and will speed the process up for the group.

Mount Dobson management is continually striving to improve the school programme.  We consider the months of July, August and September an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this school skiing programme.  Please be flexible in planning your day with us as unfortunately we can not dictate the weather on the day.

Bookings are essential and we advise early bookings to secure your preferred dates.

Bookings can be made by contacting the Mount Dobson office by phone 03 685 8039 or fax 03 685 8716. Email: To avoid delay in the fitting of ski equipment on the day, please phone or fax to us all standard boot sizes of your students at least 2 days prior to your ski trip, so that we can have the equipment ready upon your arrival.

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